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I started specializing in inn sales in 1986, decades ago now. One of the constants in that entire time has been the Captain Lord Mansion in Kennebunkport, being impressively run by Rick Litchfield and Bev Davis. I remember those times many moons ago thinking of Rick and Bev as gods in the innkeeping world. I remember seeing them at conventions and meetings from Maine to Texas and someone would remark, “that’s the Captain Lord Mansion couple”. People were impressed. Because what Rick and Bev had accomplished in Kennebunkport was impressive.

Now, as Rick and Bev approach their 40th! year as innkeepers they realize it is time to pass the baton. After 40 years of accolades and awards, both personally and for the property - they decided the time is right and the milestone is here to enter the next fun phase of life.

To that end, they interviewed brokers to represent them and I am honored and pleased to have been chosen to facilitate this significant sale in the Maine lodging community and all of New England’s. You might say it is a career high, representing the property that was awe inspiring to me as a young broker and throughout the years since.

As I write this post, we are fielding media interview requests and broker and hotel group inquiries for more information on this awesome property. Our PR program launched yesterday afternoon at 2pm and articles have already appeared in the Portland Press Herald, MaineBiz and several radio mentions. Several more media outlets are in the process of telling this remarkable story of a 40 year career and the opportunity Rick and Bev have created for the next owners. This is a story, a big story, a Maine story - of success in building an extraordinary business in an extraordinary location.



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