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I spent the first day of summer, 2017, in Lubec, Maine - visiting our listing "Water Street Tavern & Inn". Suffice it to say, I was ready to move to Lubec.

It was a gorgeous Maine day. I had travel companions who dropped me off at the Inn and then headed across the bridge to Campobello Island, Canada.

Though we have had the Inn listed, I had not visited myself and finally found time to run "up" the Coast or Downeast... I wish I had found time before. It may turn out that the first day of the summer was the best day of the summer.

Lubec is charming, it is so Maine and it is exactly what people who only read novels about little Maine oceanside villages picture. It is the quintessential summer chill spot. I felt like I was on vacation.

The Inn was so wonderful and enchanting. First, you can't get beyond the views. You are RIGHT on the ocean, you look across at lighthouses, Canadian Islands, International Timeline markers - in fact if I had walked down to the low tide mark on the inn's property I would have changed time zones.

The restaurant, both back of house and front of house, are immaculate, well laid out and those VIEWS!!! Though the current owners are only open for dinner service, it was obvious that this could be a three meal restaurant. The wine list was impressive for anywhere, let alone Lubec, Maine. The opportunity for a chef/front of house couple to run this restaurant was clear. This is that amazing opportunity for someone to get in to the business and be in a gorgeous spot. Work hard in the summer and take the winter off.

Here's the best part - the rooms are beautiful and the best part of the income. There are three guestrooms that all have historic details, private baths and VIEWS! There are two suites that are really apartments - one two-bedroom and one-one bedroom. I looked through the guest books in one of the suites and it was just love, love, love.

We are working on a creative approach that will allow someone to realize their dream. My advice, if you have some time to get away - head to Lubec! See what you think.



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