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It's July in Maine. That means it is crowded. Really crowded.

While that means a little frustration with traffic and trying to get into your favorite coffee shop, innkeepers see guests and guests mean business and business is what it is all about.

July is also the time that sellers start thinking about selling, maybe they are thinking this is great but they want to think about their next chapter.

After a slow June (every year...) buyers start stirring too. They want to visit properties on a summer vacation and they realize how fast time goes by and if the desire is to there to be in a property for next year, it is time to start identifying and settling on a property. It is very smart to visit the different communities in Maine, see what feels good. Do you want to be in a tourist destination where you have a built in draw? Do you want to be the destination yourself? What feels right?

I have two new listings this week, one in Kennebunkport and one in the MidCoast area - both big visitor destinations with guaranteed business. We have now started the busiest time of the summer with showings and listings. Don't forget it is also the busiest part of the summer for guests and travel so we have to be really flexible with showing times (around guests) but properties show at their best.

This is the start of long days on the road with showings and listings and two little Yorkies in Bar Harbor wondering where Mom is for 12 hours a day :) I always make it up to them!

So bottom line, sellers: buyers are active, make sure your property is in front of them for consideration. buyers: come see properties at the most beautiful time of the year, just be patient because there will be lots of guests in residence.

As always, we stand by ready to assist.

Belmont Inn, Camden



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