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October is New Listing Month

We are past the traditional "end" of the season, Columbus Day Weekend but things are hanging on as the weather is beyond dreamy with the foliage not even to peak yet along the coast.

We are in the midst of discussions with many innkeepers thinking about selling after having a great year with a beautiful summer. It is the time when owners think, was that my last season? Is it time to move on?

Some properties may also take longer to sell than others which prompts some sellers to think, "I want to be here another season but thinking ahead, it may be time to start marketing".

It is also buyer season. There are few weekends after a Columbus Day when I am not showing property and this year is no exception.

We are thrilled to be bringing on some really extraordinary properties. Pictured here is the 5 Lakes Lodge listed by my colleague, Jennifer Mitchell.

We visited the Lodge in September and I can't wait to go back. We arrived by boat, just for the fun of it and I was so intrigued at a property with a spectacular view (yes, that is Mount Katahdin) and also a marina! I think this could be the dream property for many.

Keep an eye on for more new listings and be informed.



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