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To sign or not to sign...

It is the end of the season in Maine. For those properties open May - October, it is time to shut down, winterize and give the inn a rest until next year.

Different than some past years, we are recommending signs on properties in the off season. Why? Because we can track a sale last year to having an off season sign up. If something works, why NOT do it?

More and more, buyers are driving around Maine in the off season, looking at locations as their inn will be also be their home. What is the community like year round, what is the inn location like year round? How do the views change? How is the access?

A for sale sign has long been an important part of real estate marketing for residential properties. While we don't recommend a for sale sign when an Inn is open for business, we do recommend using this tool in the off season - when decisions are made for the next season.



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