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Sunrise in Maine

I have a new listing that will launch Thanksgiving Week and I am thankful. As a devotee of watching Maine sunrises, this property celebrates that special time, as the day begins in this beautiful part of the world.

Guests at this incredible inn enjoy a beautiful vision as the sun comes up on Maine and their idyllic vacation spot. The new owner will join me in taking a moment on summer mornings to embrace the sun as it rises on a new day of providing guests a wonderful experience while also enjoying the moment themselves. It's that few minutes of "me time" to count blessings every morning.

We always talk about Maine Inns as a wonderful lifestyle for the owners. Experiencing Maine along with their guests, nothing starts that off better than the breathtaking colors of the sunrise, different every morning.

I can't wait to share this new listing with you all - a very special and unique property that will check off the boxes like few will of very discerning aspiring innkeepers.



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