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"Starter" Inn

Most of our inn listings are turnkey, beautiful properties with a great following and great reputations.

Manchester Village Inn is just at the beginning. MVI was a project we began almost a year ago in hopes of having a Augusta area property that could be year round and enhance the the Capital's "bedroom community" of Manchester.

The intention was good but the time ran out

Today, MVI remains a two home property with the "ell" in the original condition as purchased last year.

The main house "inn" side is right now a two guest suites and one guestroom property with renovated baths, all newly furnished guestrooms and double parlor and dining room.

The branding is done with a beautiful logo and a great name and already a lot of social media followers.

This is that cool opportunity to get started in the business while still having your own 4 bedroom home and see if you like it. It's affordable at $425,000. Let's take a tour.



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