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Focus on Kennebunkport

For as long as I can remember in my, longer than I like to admit , inn specialist career Kennebunkport has been important. Kennebunkport was one of the first communities to have some of the best inns in Maine, it set the pace for other destination areas.

Close to Boston and Portland, buyers loved Kennebunkport for their own lifestyle as well as knowing their guests would like it.

I started selling inns before such events as Christmas Prelude and Kennebunkport Festival had begun, (even before George Bush Sr. was President) yet Kennebunkport was still special.

We are thrilled today to represent beautiful inns in Kennebunkport and love our current portfolio that truly offers something for every buyer.

This is our feature ad in Old Port Magazine with our current Kennebunkport listings as more and more, Portland area entrepreneurs and investors are attracted to this quintessential coastal community with an international reputation.



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