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You've probably heard, it is COLD in Maine. Heck, it's cold everywhere. You are likely cold where you are, everything is relative. The silver lining? We are going to really appreciate spring this year.

Spring, the biggest time for Inn Closings. We already have several sales set up for March and working now at a fast pace to get other properties under contract for spring closings. They are ideal as you - the buyer - are able to get into your new inn with some time for getting ready but jumping in and getting all of the income from the busy summer season.

What takes the time once you have signed the contract? The appraisal. The Purchase and Sale agreement, building inspections, financing commitments should be easily done in 30 days, and then we wait. This is why it is important to get the process going immediately. Do you want to be in a new property for the sure to be blockbuster Summer of 2018? Let's go!



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